Objective: The aim of this study is to examine the news in daily newspapers about violence in health. Material and Methods: Retrospective, descriptive research in this type 01.01.2019-01.07.2019 3 newspapers with the highest circulation, which can be accessed via the internet archive between the dates examined, “violence in health care, health workers violence, doctor violence and nurses on violence” by entering the key words on the news about violence in health has been reached. The universe of the research consists of the news in 3 newspapers published between the specified dates. The 67 news reached at the end of the scan constituted a sample of the research. In the remaining 28 news articles were examined, after the repeating news and the news that condemns violence, which do not contain any incidents, are eliminated, according to the nature of the person who carried out the violence, the type of hospital where the violence took place, which medical personnel the violence was carried out, the unit where the violence was carried out, the cause and nature of the violence. Results: As a result of the analysis of the news in the 3 newspapers with the highest circulation, it was found that 85.7% of the violence was carried out by the relatives of the patient and 35.7% of the violence occurred in public hospitals. It was seen that 85.7% of the violence was directed towards doctors and 42.8% of it occurred in polyclinics. It was found that 25.0% of the reason for the violence was caused by the priority of the patient. In terms of the nature of violence, it was determined that 96.4% of the violence was physical violence. Conclusion: The increase in the violence experienced in recent years is also seen in the health sector and transforms health institutions into a risky environment for health workers. It is also important for the health personnel to feel safe in the environment they work in terms of the quality of the service provided. At this point, the Ministry of Health, health workers, patients, print and visual media organs should play an active and active role in preventing violent incidents.

Violence, Violence in Health, Violence to Health Workers


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