The news-giving function is one of the most important functions of the mass media. The need for communication, which is important for humanity at all times, is a sine qua non for modern societies. Significant developments in mass media have also greatly increased the communication methods. Despite the circumstances, the extent to which the responsibilities of journalism remains so important is how important it has preserved the function of informing journalism. Journalists who are responsible for accurate and impartial reporting, even in matters that seem unimportant in daily life, should make their profession more careful and attentive in matters involving the whole society. For example, in social events such as elections and referendums, journalists should refrain from directing while functioning to inform the public. Is this theoretical requirement precisely fulfilled in practice? Turkey passed a referendum on the Presidential System - Constitutional Amendment on 16 April 2017. It has been seen that there are some differences between what is and what needs to be done in the study of the press-broadcasting organizations that should publish according to the principle of neutrality in the referendum propaganda process. Within the scope of the study, Sabah and Sözcü newspapers were examined for fifteen days before the referendum. At this stage of the review of the news about the referendum and the writings of the corner, it is seen that the newspapers tend to report on their own ideological ties. The main finding of the research is the fact that Sabah Newspaper supports the "yes" choice in the referendum and the Sözcü Newspaper supports the "no" preference. Two important newspapers nationwide, Sabah newspaper made a total of 103 news about the referendum; Sözcü newspaper made a total of 194 news about the referendum. It is observed that 91.26% of the news in Sabah Newspaper is to be voted "yes" in the referendum, whereas 71.13% of the news in Sözcü newspaper is to be voted "no". In the research process, a total of 154 corner writings were published in the Sabah newspaper, of which 83 are about referendum. The majority of these column writings about the referendum (71) refer to the vote "yes" in the referendum. According to the Sözcü nevwspaper; A total of 139 cornersteps were written and 94 of them were about the referendum. Despite the fact that only 1 article of the article can be considered neutral, the other 93 articles published in the Sözcü newspaper have reached the conclusion that "no" vote is used in the referendum.

Referendum, journalism, news, content analysis


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