Functional Transformation of Spaces in the Context of Space Design: An Example of the Transformation of Hereke Sümerbank Lodgings to the Educational Site
In many parts of Turkey and the world, industrial buildings and structures as function is realized through adaptive reuse. Sumerbank lodgings located in the Hereke area of Kocaeli province is an important example that serves as education buildings within the Kocaeli University and contributes to the sustainability of historical touch and urban dwelling in the places where industry employees have left. In this study, in terms of the conversion of lived spaces and in terms of their benefits for the citizens, conversion of Hereke mass housings of Sumerbank facility located in the Hereke district of Korfez province of Kocaeli city which is most important industrial facilities of Republic of Turkey from residence function within Kocaeli University to a whole of university locations by undertaking the education functions and the historical, economical and sociological benefits redounded by this conversion to Hereke and Kocaeli will be examined and usage flexibility of locations and harmony will be evaluated in terms of interior architecture design criteria. The written and visual documents that are presented in this study are aimed to constitute a source for the future function conversion studies and for other researches.

Functional conversion of buildings, industrial buildings, Kocaeli, Hereke, educational buildings


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