Almighty Allah c.c. after he created the universe, he created the angels in the sky and the demons in the earth. The Jinn were destroyed because they did not perform their primary duties by removing corruption and shedding blood, while the Jinn were supposed to do their work on the earth for Reconstruction and slaughter. Adam (a. s.), the original owners of the earth and to be handed over to their children. Almighty Allah c.c. although he has thousands of wisdom, the first human being is Adam a.s. he created it. When we look at the verses about the creation of man in the Qur'an;“People are created out of fired earthenware pots, such as dried mud”(The beneficient/14). “And certainly we created man of potter's clay of the mud people” (Al-hijr/26). We are witnessing that he is a supreme Creator who created man from Earth matter. “We have created man from clay. And then we make him a nut in a safe place. Then we turn the nutshell into something else, make flesh out of shape, create bones of this formless flesh, and then clothe bones of meat; finally, we build it into a completely different creature. Glory be to Allah, the best of creators.” (The believers: 12-13-14) With the perfect creation of a perfectly created man in aesthetic and artistic terms, it is equipped with its weaknesses and various bodywork. Hz. Adam (a.s.) as the name implies, dark earth means; We understand that the designation “Adam” was made from the earth. Hz. Adam (a.s.) it is the first caliphs created on earth. He was the first prophet. The firstborn of mankind, created as an Honorable being, was the Prophet Jesus Adam (a.s.) not being a monkey is intelligent, intelligent, Allah c.c. he was a well-equipped prophet, whose names were taught to him by all things. “Do you disbelieve in Allah Who created you from dust (perfectly), then from a drop of water, then made you a man?”(Al-kahf/37). It is understood from this verse that the first man was created from a mud that was saved. There is no such thing as chance or self-existence in His creation. In the creation of man, from the organs we know as the simplest to the most complex organs, all have the signature of a unique Creator.

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