Human needs different requirements such as nutrition, covering, dressing and / or protection during the ages. Along with the increasing demand of the society, the characteristics expected from the textile product also started to increase with time. Textile products are not only for covering purposes, but also they have different functional properties together like protection, information exchange, evaluation, etc. It has also succeeded in achieving and succeeding not only by itself but also by working in partnership with other disciplines. Textile science, in particular with the electronics industry in cooperation with medicine, military, space, defense, protection, automation and so on. many venues have begun to take on an important role. In all these developments, a new field of textile has emerged which is defined as "Technical Textiles". Natural and artificial textile fibers and materials are sometimes used alone and sometimes mixed with other polymers and / or materials according to the place and purpose of use. Thus, composite structures that provide desired characteristics have begun to be obtained. By using the developing technologies and methods, different characteristics have been given to the textile products. Thus, depending on the increasing prosperity needs of the society, textile products with different functions (multifunctional) have emerged besides the covering and trimming. The production and use of these emerging interactive textiles has become widespread over time. Among the technical textiles, one of the areas with the highest added value is the electronic textiles. Electronic textiles; are known as textile products where electronic circuit elements are located. In this study, electronic textile designs's history, usage areas, design examples are informed.

Technical textile, Electronic textile, Design, Prototype